Where is the Kingdom? ....by Sr. Dorothy

Our community has had Associate members for many years. One of them has a sister who is a member of Madonna House in Canada. Madonna House was founded by Catherine de Hueck Doherty, whose writings we have used sometimes as readings in our chapel. Catherine was an inspired and inspiring woman, and her faith, work and heritage live on at Madonna House and in its members.

Because of this connection, I became curious about Madonna House and looked up the website. They offer a newsletter—Restoration—that is issued 10 times a year, and I decided to subscribe to it. I’ve received several issues now, and I invariably find something in it to inspire me, or stimulate further thought and prayer.

In the most recent issue (February 2024) there is an article by Steve Heroux, a Madonna House member. The article began life as a talk given by Steve during their summer program, and in it Steve talks about the Kingdom of God, and about Listening. These are subjects that interest me for two reasons. One is that the Rule of Benedict begins with the word “Listen,” and it is a big part of Benedictine life at its best—so that caught my attention at once. Secondly, I’ve noticed that it seems like many people believe the Kingdom of God can truly exist only after we die, in heaven, where all will be perfection. But Jesus said it was here, within us and among us, in our embodied souls and the lives we live right here on earth.

What Steve had to say about these things lit a lamp for me. It put words to feelings I have had but didn’t previously have words for. Steve expresses the attainability of the Kingdom of God, here and now, in the humblest of ways. He makes clear that we don’t build the kingdom ourselves, but that by orienting ourselves toward Christ—we allow it to be built in us and among us.

I invite you to follow this link and read his article for yourself: Glimpses of the Kingdom. And please, let me know what you think about it—and whether, perhaps, you yourself have experienced such glimpses.





  • Comment posted by Janice J. Ariza on March 1, 2024 at 1:23PM (3 months ago)

    Allowing the Kingdom to be built within us is very encouraging, Sr. Dorothy. Thank you

    • Comment posted by Dorothy on March 1, 2024 at 2:32PM (3 months ago)

      I agree, Janice. And as Steve said, if I start puffing myself up about building--it may end up being my own little kingdom I'm working on.

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