What I notice ....by Sr. Monika

When I finish a piece of art, I'm not really finished with it. I like to look at it now and then and see if I notice more in it than I originally thought or intended. Often, I find more than I expected. 





In this example called Hearts A-Blossoming, I see motion--lines swirling around the heart of things.  Hearts blossoming, flowing out from the center. God's heart, my heart, the hearts of everyone.













When I look carefully at this drawing, I first notice a bold, shiny central image—a flower? a trinity of leaves? Very solid and striking. I also see delicate surroundings—slender twigs, fruits and small leaves. This image draws me into the abundance of God, who supplies all my needs.











Water is LIFE. I remember the waters of Baptism. The waters of the Jordan River. Rivers of tears. Cleansing, refreshing, thirst-quenching. I pray for those without water.








We are surrounded by trees here at the monastery. They stand like sentinels, guarding us and delighting us. They carry tons of water and they hold many different creatures in their arms. The psalmist says we are like trees planted by springs of water. We are blest by these wondrous beings.












Looking deeply at any image expands our experience of it.  Take a look today and SEE what is before you...



  • Comment posted by Roy DeLeon on April 28, 2024 at 4:49PM (24 days ago)

    Looking again at a finished artwork… and maybe find nuggets of wisdom and new insights. Just like how I see my wife of 50 years - everyday, she surprises me with what she does and says - even though I might have seen it or heard it before. Similarly - it’s lectio practice - on the same sacred text passage I’ve read hundreds of times before - yet hearing it in a new way with a new message. Thank you for the lesson, Sister.

  • Comment posted by Jannee on March 23, 2024 at 10:48AM (2 months ago)

    Thank for for sending these little gems. Some of them lightly touch me and others deeply touch me. Would love to visit with you sometime. Blessings to all j

  • Comment posted by Janice J. Ariza on March 23, 2024 at 9:54AM (2 months ago)

    Sr. Monika ~ I was particularly touched by the way you described how trees hold many creatures in their arms. Your drawing capture the essence of the tree. It is not a whole tree and yet the viewer absolutely knows it is one. Thank you for sharing these images and insights.

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