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NRVC / RFC Regional Meeting Sr. Paz

Three exciting days at St. Placid Priory: From April 30 to May 2, fifteen sisters’ vocation and formation directors from the Pacific Northwest area came together to pray, celebrate, learn and collaborate together. Sr. Mary Pat Garvin, RSM and Sr. Diane Tomkinson, OSF joined us for a presentation via Zoom. We were honored with the presence of Sr. Debbie Borneman, SS. C. M.

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SMU Students Come Visiting Sr. Paz

Last Tuesday, April 2, was a wonderful evening. Seven young women from Saint Martin’s University visited us along with Campus Minister Nick Hoffman. I welcomed them at the Priory’s entrance, where it was very nice to meet familiar faces--Reine, Nick, Bianca, and greet new faces--Lillian, Daniela, Carina, Carmelina and Delaney. I gave them a tour of the Spirituality Center, and the Stations of the Cross—created and donated to the Priory by artists Renata and Walter Siegl.

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A Late Vocation: “Always we begin again”

The word vocation comes from the Latin word “vocatio," and it means to call; a vocation is a calling. In our time, it has come to mean specifically a calling to religious life but in Latin it is any occupation that someone is called to, has a gift for, or desires to do. But I think there are three parts to any vocation. Sister Anna-Camille, OSB There is the “vocatio”--the call.

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