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Day of the Dead | Feast of All Souls

These last years, with the pandemic and the wars, the people of the whole planet have a strong need to mourn all our losses. Our sense of safety and tranquility has been challenged, and we don’t have a communal way of acknowledging, mourning, and processing all these losses. For this, we can return to the wisdom of the ancients—like the Mexican cultures and Benedictine wisdom—and make them new. St. Benedict exhorts us: “Keep death daily before your eyes.

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With Hands and Feet on the Ground Sr. Paz

I had just arrived at St. Placid when I was assigned the task of growing flowers. I didn’t have any idea of how to do it. Things went well and we had plenty of zinnias in the garden and for the chapel that year. But not a single cosmos. I don’t know why. I did exactly the same with both packages of seeds. Anyway, I was told I have a green thumb. I almost believe it.

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Chipping Our Way to Stewardship

Greetings from the wild kingdom! Throughout these summer months we have been working on regaining a seasonal monastic pattern of the maintenance of our grounds. Through trimming, pruning, weeding, fertilizing, watering, raking and planning for what comes next, we have held stewardship of monastery possessions, property and grounds as a profound value that is alive throughout the Rule of Benedict. St.

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Fun with Family

Luca at Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge My mother was born in Cologne, Germany and so I have cousins in a few German cities and villages. Christina, my cousin, Andreas her husband, and Luca their niece came to visit me this summer for ten days. It was wonderful. We walked Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and Tumwater Falls.

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The Swan Has Landed

GUEST POST BY SISTER LAURA SWAN I find myself heading “Down Under” to be with two Benedictine women’s communities, to lead retreats for them. They insisted on sending me in Business class (my first time ever), which was quite the experience.

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Many Hats!

Hi, I'm Sr. Julian. Welcome to our Priory Blog. Glad you're stopping by. . . . Before coming to the monastery, as an attorney I helped folks get Social Security disability benefits, and I'm interested in immigration law and have some experience in that.

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Living at St. Placid | Viviendo en el Priorato San Plácido

I am Paz Vital. My name means peace and my last name means life. I am originally from Mexico City, where I lived most of my life. I moved to the States in 2009. I planned to live with part of my family in California but work took me to Houston, Texas. I was working at the medical center doing basic research.

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