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NRVC / RFC Regional Meeting Sr. Paz

Three exciting days at St. Placid Priory: From April 30 to May 2, fifteen sisters’ vocation and formation directors from the Pacific Northwest area came together to pray, celebrate, learn and collaborate together. Sr. Mary Pat Garvin, RSM and Sr. Diane Tomkinson, OSF joined us for a presentation via Zoom. We were honored with the presence of Sr. Debbie Borneman, SS. C. M.

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SMU Students Come Visiting Sr. Paz

Last Tuesday, April 2, was a wonderful evening. Seven young women from Saint Martin’s University visited us along with Campus Minister Nick Hoffman. I welcomed them at the Priory’s entrance, where it was very nice to meet familiar faces--Reine, Nick, Bianca, and greet new faces--Lillian, Daniela, Carina, Carmelina and Delaney. I gave them a tour of the Spirituality Center, and the Stations of the Cross—created and donated to the Priory by artists Renata and Walter Siegl.

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Care of the sick—Again Sr. Paz

St. Benedict, in Chapter 36 of The Rule, tells us “Care of the sick must rank above and before all else, so that they may be truly served as Christ, for [Jesus] said: “I was sick and you visited me” (Matt 25:36) “The music that arrived to stay” is the title of a radio station in Mexico City that my mother loves to listen to.

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Changes Sr. Paz

I want to think that life is a continuum, but in reality, it is full of many twists and turns. Life is changing, always moving. Life is cyclical, coming and going, up and down. On difficult days I long for the comfort of the paradise that might have been when I was in my mother's womb. Or the comfort of my childhood, when a kiss or a hug took the pain away and I would continue playing.

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We Begin Again Every Day Sr. Paz

St. Benedict tells us in The Rule that we begin again each day. You may wonder what nuns and monks do in the monastery every day? St. Benedict answered this question many centuries ago: We fall and get up, fall and get up, always. This New Year is a gift, a new opportunity, to begin again, anew, to stand up again. With new hopes, new challenges, new opportunities, to begin again fresh.

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A Mysterious Visitor

Last month I had two unusual encounters with an owl. One afternoon, in the monastery dining room, I heard an unusual snapping of branches and flapping of wings. I ran to one of the windows and discovered a baby owl that was learning to fly. It was a Barred Owl that caused commotion among the sisters. We were afraid it would end up on the ground.

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Day of the Dead | Feast of All Souls

These last years, with the pandemic and the wars, the people of the whole planet have a strong need to mourn all our losses. Our sense of safety and tranquility has been challenged, and we don’t have a communal way of acknowledging, mourning, and processing all these losses. For this, we can return to the wisdom of the ancients—like the Mexican cultures and Benedictine wisdom—and make them new. St. Benedict exhorts us: “Keep death daily before your eyes.

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With Hands and Feet on the Ground Sr. Paz

I had just arrived at St. Placid when I was assigned the task of growing flowers. I didn’t have any idea of how to do it. Things went well and we had plenty of zinnias in the garden and for the chapel that year. But not a single cosmos. I don’t know why. I did exactly the same with both packages of seeds. Anyway, I was told I have a green thumb. I almost believe it.

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Where is home?

Last August, I visited my family in Mexico City. I felt at home sleeping in my former bedroom with pink bedspread and pillows. I think my body remembered that bed because I slept so good there. This year I went to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

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I Take Refuge in God My Love | Me Refugio en Dios, mi Amado

"Sustain me O God as you have promised that I may live,     And disappoint me not in my Hope!" For almost ten years these verses have been my refuge, my mantra in difficult times. I know God is always with me. I know it is me who forgets it, and acts as if my life is in my hands or as if I am alone. These words remind me to take refuge in God alone.

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