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Changing of the Guard

On the day I changed places with Sister Monika and became subprioress, at dinner time she made me an official present: the telephone she had used in her bedroom to receive night time emergency calls. Well, I was thrilled. The phone and I had a running battle for years—until at last that thorn was removed from my side by a kindly prioress. Amazing how many people called us when they thought they were calling St.

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Seeing Clearly Sr. Dorothy

From the I Ching… It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any self-deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events by which the path to success may be recognized.   This could also perhaps be described as the path to knowing ourselves. Not an easy path.

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Stories We Tell Ourselves Sr. Dorothy

I don't know who wrote this story and don't recall where I found it. If you happen to know its author, please get in touch and I will give credit.   The Queen's Choice Once upon a time, in a kingdom that probably never really existed, a woman was caught stealing some coins from a local merchant in the market.

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The Week From... by Sr. Dorothy

Have you ever had a day - week - month or maybe even year when things might have been "going right" but you simply couldn't see it, or maybe interpret it that way? A time of chaos, full of unexpected events, and perhaps you felt at cross-purposes with everything around you? I suspect chaos happens to everyone, to every family. even to groups. . . sometimes to whole countries. Hard to believe, but it happens in monasteries too. St.

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Where Do I Come From? What Am I? Where Am I Going? (apologies to Gauguin)

When I was new at St. Placid Priory, I spent time with some of the founding members of our community, sometimes at lunch or dinner, sometimes at recreation or afternoon coffee. I wanted to know who they were and how they became Sisters, what their call was like and how they responded.

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Trust in God + Do All Things with Counsel

This week’s Mass readings have had a large portion of “Trust in God,” and how, when we don’t trust in God’s help, God’s mercy, God’s love and constant support, we can get into trouble. For me, that trouble usually comes when I try to depend only on my own judgement--and at the same time, fail to consult God in Scripture, in prayer and in the Holy Rule of St. Benedict.

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Care of the Sick

In the Rule of St. Benedict, we read in Chapter 36 that care of the sick comes before and above everything else. It goes on to say that if the sick need special privileges, they should be given them. The sick person should not be demanding, as though the world circles round her; but even if she is demanding, those doing her care should be patient and kind.

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What Do You Do...?

“What do you do in the monastery?” This is a question we hear fairly often. And one answer might be the words attributed to St. Francis of Assisi: “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words. ” The act of living in community can be a powerful illustration of people from different backgrounds living in peace together.

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Trappist monk Thomas Merton said of his hermitage, “It is essential to experience all the times and moods of one good place. " This may not be true for all people at all times, but I have found it one of the best parts of Benedictine community life here at St. Placid Priory. Walking in our woods and around the monastery, watching the seasons change—with all that means for plant and animal life.

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