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Retreat Time Sr. Dorothy

Each year, usually in June, our community takes a retreat together. We don’t go anywhere—we just stay here at the monastery. But retreat time is different from ordinary time. This year we are having eight days of silence, which most of us look forward to. We eat in silence and spend our days, each of us, alone in silence.

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The Garden Is Coming Sr. Paz Vital

Sr. Angela had some tomato and pepper seeds that she collected when she was doing research and presenting her scientific results in different places around the world. Last year she planted some of these mysterious seeds (she doesn’t know what kind of peppers or tomatoes they were and where exactly she collected them). I also received some of these mysterious seeds and planted them. Only three beautiful tomato plants showed up and two pepper plants.

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The Language of Spoons Sr. Anna-Camille

The very first regular work I did at the monastery was helping with dishes. I started with drying and putting away. We have an industrial type of dish washer, so you have to prove yourself on the drying, and then move on to the scrubbing of pots and pans (the Helper job) before you are taught to use the dishwasher. So, my first job was learning where everything in the kitchen was put.

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A Cat in the Monastery

A few years ago now, a lovely little cat appeared at our back door. She was thin but beautiful. We knew she was a tabby, but I had never heard of a brown mackerel tabby. Was this a fish cat or a cat fish (but not really a catfish)? With light-filled emerald eyes, she looked up at us from the bush she was hiding in and said “Feed me. ” We began to feed her.

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Getting Fired Up Sr. Monika

Sunday, May 19 is Pentecost in the Christian tradition. It is a solemnity marking the day the believers, who were shivering in fear, received the Holy Spirit. On that day the Spirit descended upon the believers as tongues of fire, and did they ever get fired up!--even to the point of praising God in various languages that everyone understood. Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask instead, ‘What makes you come alive?’ and go DO THAT.

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Don't Give Up Sr. Dorothy

In early May, a group of eight Tibetan monks stayed for several days at The Priory Spirituality Center. They had dinner with our St. Placid Sisters on Sunday evening, and though most of them had minimal English, there was plenty of good will and a bit of conversation.   Tibetan monks enjoy a meal with St.

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NRVC / RFC Regional Meeting Sr. Paz

Three exciting days at St. Placid Priory: From April 30 to May 2, fifteen sisters’ vocation and formation directors from the Pacific Northwest area came together to pray, celebrate, learn and collaborate together. Sr. Mary Pat Garvin, RSM and Sr. Diane Tomkinson, OSF joined us for a presentation via Zoom. We were honored with the presence of Sr. Debbie Borneman, SS. C. M.

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A Mug for All Seasons Sr. Julian

Our lives here at St Placid Priory have a daily rhythm which is guided by a liturgical calendar. Isn’t a calendar just a calendar? Well, no, not always. The liturgical calendar is both different and similar to a normal everyday calendar. Both the liturgical and secular calendars mark special seasons such as Christmas and Easter. But the liturgical calendar also reflects which days are Catholic solemnities and feasts and seasons such as Lent and Advent.

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Fallow Time Sr. Monika

The psalmist wrote, “. . . the hills are arrayed with flocks; the fields are blanketed with grain. ” I enjoy these images. Blankets of grain. It isn’t hard to imagine such a glorious scene. The earth in our part of the world is bursting with new life right now–hyacinths, violets, fruit trees, big leaf maples.

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What Is Love? How Do We Do It? Sr. Dorothy

“I did not understand that love is primarily a language of presence. And that the nature of any form of love is revealed in its acts more than in its words. ” --Michael D. O’Brien, quoted in On the Edge of Eternity, A Biography of Michael D. O’Brien by Clemens Cavallin.

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