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Still Shopping Sr. Anna-Camille

I am the Sisters Speak Week 5 blogger, so I only write every few months. My last two posts were about my experiences as the Main Kitchen grocery shopper. It’s been almost exactly 6 months since I began this adventure, and I thought after two blog posts there really couldn’t be anything else to say. I was wrong. So, I am hoping you are able to bear with me through one more post about shopping.

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Foggy Solstice Daybreak Sr. Raphaela

"Deep night, Dark night      Night of the longest sigh. . . "         --from the poem "Winter Solstice" by Mary Saracino It was the breaking of the shortest day leading into the longest night, the night of the longest sigh--the winter solstice. The weather channel had declared for that morning “Beware of patches of dense fog.

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Wait Sr. Monika

I was born in the front seat of our car. Dad made it to the hospital driveway. The doctor and nurses came outside on that early, snowy February morning to help Mom and me. One nurse took my 11 month old sister, one nurse took me, one nurse took Mom, and Dad went to the ER to have his broken thumb looked at.

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A Mysterious Visitor

Last month I had two unusual encounters with an owl. One afternoon, in the monastery dining room, I heard an unusual snapping of branches and flapping of wings. I ran to one of the windows and discovered a baby owl that was learning to fly. It was a Barred Owl that caused commotion among the sisters. We were afraid it would end up on the ground.

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Stories We Tell Ourselves Sr. Dorothy

I don't know who wrote this story and don't recall where I found it. If you happen to know its author, please get in touch and I will give credit.   The Queen's Choice Once upon a time, in a kingdom that probably never really existed, a woman was caught stealing some coins from a local merchant in the market.

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