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Chipping Our Way to Stewardship

Greetings from the wild kingdom! Throughout these summer months we have been working on regaining a seasonal monastic pattern of the maintenance of our grounds. Through trimming, pruning, weeding, fertilizing, watering, raking and planning for what comes next, we have held stewardship of monastery possessions, property and grounds as a profound value that is alive throughout the Rule of Benedict. St.

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There is nothing like being with a community other than our own to notice the ways they do ritual. I think of our late Sister Stephanie as the incense comes out here and permeates the chapel. Statio is important, an opportunity to stop and catch one's breath before entering the chapel. I'm content to slip into my stall beforehand and spend moments in silence. The nuns reverence one another in bowing toward each other as we depart.

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Fun with Family

Luca at Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge My mother was born in Cologne, Germany and so I have cousins in a few German cities and villages. Christina, my cousin, Andreas her husband, and Luca their niece came to visit me this summer for ten days. It was wonderful. We walked Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and Tumwater Falls.

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The Swan Has Landed

GUEST POST BY SISTER LAURA SWAN I find myself heading “Down Under” to be with two Benedictine women’s communities, to lead retreats for them. They insisted on sending me in Business class (my first time ever), which was quite the experience.

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Trust in God + Do All Things with Counsel

This week’s Mass readings have had a large portion of “Trust in God,” and how, when we don’t trust in God’s help, God’s mercy, God’s love and constant support, we can get into trouble. For me, that trouble usually comes when I try to depend only on my own judgement--and at the same time, fail to consult God in Scripture, in prayer and in the Holy Rule of St. Benedict.

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I Take Refuge in God My Love | Me Refugio en Dios, mi Amado

"Sustain me O God as you have promised that I may live,     And disappoint me not in my Hope!" For almost ten years these verses have been my refuge, my mantra in difficult times. I know God is always with me. I know it is me who forgets it, and acts as if my life is in my hands or as if I am alone. These words remind me to take refuge in God alone.

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