All God's Creatures...

I now know where our late Sister Damaris Zander dwells in her new life (on the other side of the thin veil) and that's here in Australia. Why? There are NO squirrels here. None. However, I've been delighting in plenty of God's other creatures.

Besides the laughing kookaburra, I have fallen in love with a rainbow colored Lorikeet, who swoop around in groups showing off their colors to their "audience." The magpies and cockatoos rule much of the Sydney area. 

I love the majestic kangaroo, and I have been fortunate to see several kinds (but have missed the tree kangaroo who are quite small and, yes, like to hang out in trees). Not sure why the Tasmanian devils have such a negative reputation. They look like large rodents, but I hear, when provoked, they can make quite the noise—and when so inclined, they can show of a mouthful of vicious looking teeth. The platypus are a homely creature, and therefore cute. I enjoyed watching them move around in the water and especially through the water plants.

Tasmanian Devil peacefully dining


I have finally "met" the Koala who have quite the capacity for wedging themselves between two branches of a tree and sleep. And sleep. And sleep. I did catch one who raised her head to look my way. 

Koala snoozing in a tree

To my surprise, Sydney has lots of palm trees. I'm not sure why I was surprised but was. Besides majestic gum (eucalyptus) trees, they have huge fig trees that send out roots searching for water, much like the banyan tree. And yup, the birds get to the figs before any humans do. They also enjoy an abundance of bottlebrush flowers (a bright orange red) and gorgeous bird of paradise flowers (layers of color). Their winter can be a dry cold, but then sudden days of warmth and deep blue sky.

Bird of Paradise

Saw the Super moon tonight. You can see an impressive news photo at this link: 





  • Comment posted by Maria Slizys on October 17, 2023 at 7:21PM (8 months ago)

    Ok, I am hooked...will need to visit "down under" on my bucket list! In the meantime, can you just see those adorable creatures making their home in the forest at St. Placid?? 🙃

  • Comment posted by Sr. Lucy M Wynkoop on September 6, 2023 at 10:40AM (10 months ago)

    Thank you, Sister Laura, for giving us a glimpse of the animals and the exquisite Bird of Paradise from Australia.

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