A Time to Be

American Prosperity Gospel says, “Have faith! Work Hard! God will reward you with treasure.”

Jesus says to Martha, “You are worried over many things…”

God says to Moses, “Tell Pharaoh, ‘I AM sends you.’”

During retreat this past week God challenged me to simply BE. I had plans to read certain books. It didn’t happen. I had sewing to do. I even set it out, ready for the scissors. It didn’t happen. I got my rakes and bins ready to work out in the yard. It didn’t happen. I didn’t even do much art, which I typically enjoy doing.

At some point midway through the retreat I began to wonder if God was asking me to do nothing. Was I being invited to let go of my need to accomplish something? To keep busy? To be successful? I wandered around the monastery with nothing in my hands. I felt kind of lost and disoriented. Even the virtues I intended to practice went by the wayside.

So what was my retreat about? I did spend time gazing out the window. I watched the birds. I thanked God for the birds. I was enchanted by the flowers. A holy person once said, “If a flower is your only teacher, it would be enough.”

The flower teaches about BEING. As I wrote these words, I released a long, deep sigh. Life is about BEING. It is less about doing for...and more about BEING for. Less about doing good…and more about BEING goodness. Less about building structures or programs…and more about building character. BEING requires strong character because it is so counter-cultural. “What? You did NOTHING during your retreat?” some might say.

As I relaxed about doing nothing during retreat, letting go of any guilt, I came to sense that God was asking me to make a shift. It seems my call is to enter into BEING fully the human person God intends for me. Like a flower, the only thing necessary is to BE. Simple. And all other actions flow from that.



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